5 Excellent Articles on Personal Development

Personal development can be defined differently by everyone. As we all have a different perception on “self” and how we can improve our “self”. I define personal development as the process of developing self-awareness, enhancing identity, developing wisdom and knowledge, and the continuous improvement of personal goals and accomplishments. Allan Gray Orbis defines personal development … Continue reading

One Year of Writing and Healing

I apologize for my absence! Before I go on, has anyone found the motivation/inspiration to write in the past month or so? How did the holidays treat your muse? Do share – I love seeing that our fan-base is growing. Amongst other things I have found a website of interest … One Year of Writing … Continue reading

Fifty Creative Writing Prompts

Writer’s block is a defined as “The inability to start writing for some period of time. It can take many forms: an inability to come up with any good ideas to start a story, an inability to start writing a new work, or extreme dissatisfaction with all efforts to write.” by the Scribendi Glossary. You … Continue reading

Journal Writing: How keeping a journal improves you

“You never know what you will learn till you start writing. Then you discover truths you never knew existed.” – Anita Brookner Unburden yourself: Emotional baggage can carry quite a toll. By writing about life events whether good or bad, you are allowing yourself to freely express both positive and negative feelings about situations you … Continue reading

Self Empowerment through writing: Accountability

Yesterday we talked about self empowerment through writing: responsibility. An important passage from yesterday’s post: By being self-empowered you are not self-centered or focused on making yourself the star of the team. Instead, you are well-rounded, a team-player, confident in your abilities, in tune with your capabilities, and most certainly an inspiration to those around … Continue reading